The Wibit is now open Monday-Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm and closed on Sunday! Now selling Sunday-Thursday day/guest passes through September 3rd!

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PLEASE respect the following RULES

To ensure your SAFETY in the water, on the Wibit and areas surrounding Karst Beach

  • Only use during the official opening hours.
  • Only use in the presence of a lifeguard.
  • Do not use in darkness or when there is thunder or lightning.
  • Do not jump from high products onto other objects or people.
  • Use the products responsibly to ensure you don't injure yourself or others.
  • Ensure there are no people or objects in the water before jumping from any area of the park.
  • No access to the WIBIT park for children under the age of 6 years old and must be at least 43" tall.
  • No access to the park with any objects from outside the facility.
  • No access to the park after consuming alcohol.
  • No access to the park after consuming drugs.
  • Remove watches, jewelry, keys or other sharp objects before entering the park.
  • Do not dive underneath the products.
  • No diving or sliding head first.
  • No outside food or drink on the Wibits.
  • No tobacco or vaping in the beach area.
  • For safety reasons do not access if you are pregnant.
  • Only small floats for individual use are allowed in the shallow end.
  • The park is not responsible for any personal items from users inside or outside the premises of the park.
  • Admission to the facility is refused to all persons having any contagious disease, infectious conditions, or any other condition which has the appearance of being infectious.
  • Animals shall be excluded from the facility area.
  • Persons with excessive sunburn, abrasions which have not healed, corn plasters, bunion pads, adhesive tape, rubber bandages, or other bandages of any kind are not permitted.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, or otherwise introducing contaminants into the family water is not permitted.
  • Only access the park after registration with guest services. Wristbands required to be worn at all times.
  • The guard or attendant may expel people who endanger their own safety or that of others from the park.
  • Only swimmers have access to the WIBIT park.
  • We recommend the use of sunscreen throughout playtime.
  • Use of approved life jackets is required in the WIBIT and CORCL areas, and highly suggested elsewhere in all water area
    • Cannot be used in other areas of the park (pools and waterslide)
  • No large family or party floats are allowed.
  • All minors, 17 years old and under, must be with a paying adult at all time. 
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